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Realistic Dolls House Exterior Finishes

Easily Create Beautiful Realistic Brick, Stone and Roof Tile Effects

undecorated dolls house kit
We specialise in dolls house decorating products, in particular our own easy to use brick and stone finishing system.  Realistic brick compound can be applied directly to dolls houses and models using stencils to create various brick and stone patterns in a variety of scales.
decorated dolls house
The photos above show a typical 1:12 scale dolls house kit which has been decorated with realistic brick compound and stencils.  Many different finishes are possible using different compound colours and stencil designs.  
Dolls house brick stencil
First the MDF or Plywood dolls house should be painted to with a cement mortar colour.  The brick stencil is then positioned on the wall.
Realistic brick compound applied to dolls house
Realistic brick compound is mixed with water and then spread onto the wall over the stencil.
Remove brick stencil to reveal Dolls house brick wall effect
The stencil can then be peeled away to reveal the newly applied realistic brick finish. 
..."it's really easy to apply.." .."it feels as real as it looks" ..."incredibly realistic!"
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Realistic Brick and Stone Finishes for Dolls Houses

To view a more detailed application guide click here.  To view various projects and magazine features click here.  or view our flickr page here.  If you have viewed all the information on the website and still have questions please contact us.

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