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Realistic Render / Stucco Mix

 Use to Create Realistic Rendered Finishes on Dolls Houses & Models


» Render / Stucco
Product ID: RDR
Realistic Render / Stucco Compound - 375g Bag
Mix the Realistic Render / Stucco compound with water or matt emulsion paint (not sup...
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Dolls House Render / Stucco Mix Application Guide

With this render / stucco material it is possible to add depth and detail to the dolls house exterior. The render mix is similar to our Realistic Brick Compound, but has been re-formulated to produce freehand rendered wall effects.

The Render / Stucco Mix can either be mixed with water or added to matt emulsion paint (not supplied). It should be mixed thoroughly to ensure all of the powder is dispersed evenly. The proportion of of render material to water or paint is not critical ...it can be progressively added until the desired consistency is reached. A smooth easily spreadable consistency is best.

Note: When applying the render you may notice small lumps where the material is not mixed properly, but these can be rectified by simply brushing over with a paint brush until dispersed. If any lumps remain they can be sanded when dry.

The render mix can be applied to the dolls house using a paint brush or pallet knife and a variety of render or stucco effects created. For a smooth finish it can be applied as a fairly thin covering and finished off using a pallet knife or sponge brush. Rougher finishes can be created by applying a thicker covering and finishing with a pallet knife or stippling with a paintbrush. If paint is mixed with the render it will be quite difficult to remove once dry so l It is strongly advised that the material is tested on a piece of scrap wood or mdf before applying to the dolls house so that the application technique can be practiced and the desired finished effect achieved. If the material is mixed with water rather than paint it will be easy to remove when dry as it will remain water soluble. When completed it should be sealed with varnish or suitable paint. The paint and render mix can easily be washed off brushes etc with water providing it is not allowed to set.

Note: The render material is off white in colour and if mixed with paint this will effect the finished colour. If necessary a further coat of emulsion or acrylic paint can be applied over the render to achieve the desired colour.

Coverage: It is not possible to specify the coverage exactly as the material can be used in varying proportions with paint and also the application thickness can be varied considerably. As a guide, coverage of 5 - 20 square feet should be expected. A single bag should therefore be sufficient for most dolls house applications.

Dolls House Render Applied Smooth
Close-up view of smooth finish created using a paint brush,
sponge brush or a pallet knife

Dolls House Render Applied Rough
Close-up view of uneven finish created by stippling with a paintbrush