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Stencils for Dolls House Brick, Stone & Tiles

Brick, Stone and Roof Tile Pattern Stencils for use with Realistic Brick Compound

This category is not currently available.

Stencils are available in various different brick and stone patterns for dolls houses and other scale models. These are used with the Realistic Brick Compound to produce the chosen effect.  The designs are such that the stencil can be overlapped in order to continue the pattern over a large area without any visible joins.

Choosing the right stencil.
We offer a wide range of stencil designs and many are available in a choice of materials and sheet sizes. Please read the following information to help you choose the best stencil for your project.

Stencil Scales
Standard stencils are available in 1:12, 1:16, 1:24 and 1:48 scale. These scales are compatible with railway modelling in 'O' gauge, 'G' Gauge and 16mm scale. We have found that sometimes larger scale stencils are more suitable for smaller scale use with model railways, in particular with stone finishes and for large structures such as bridges and tunnells where larger stones may be more appropriate.  In addition to the scales listed we can produce stencils in other scales on request.
Please Note:  With the very fine detail of the 1:48 scale stencils, it can be difficult to produce good results using Realistic Brick Compound.  Alternative methods can be used for 1:48 scale scales such as applying paint or pressing mylar stencils into Das clay to create an impression of the pattern.

Stencil Sheet Size
A standard stencil can be used to cover any size area by repeating and joining multiple applications. Alternatively a larger stencil can be used to cover the same area more quickly with fewer repeat applications and therefore fewer joins. It is generally quicker and easier to produce a good finish using a larger stencil.

Stencil Material
Two types of stencil material are currently available – Mylar or Self-Adhesive PVC.

Mylar (Polyester) Stencil Film - Tough, flexible and very durable. Can be re-used multiple times. Repositionable stencil adhesive spray is recommended for use with Mylar stencils as it holds the stencil in position and prevents any material bleeding underneath.  Mylar stencils are the prefferred choice in most cases due to their excellent durability and ease of use.

Self-Adhesive PVC Stencil Film - Softer and more pliable than Mylar and includes a removable self-adhesive backing so is supplied ready to use. Cheaper than Mylar, but not as durable. Can be re-used a number of times if handled with care, but will need to be replaced. The durability varies depending on the stencil pattern, scale and sheet size.  Self-adhesive PVC stencils are ideal for small areas or for use on ready built dolls houses etc.

If you require any further guidance please contact us to discuss your requirements.

See the application guide for full details.