Dolls House Power Supplies – New Range

We recently introduced a new range of digital power supplies for dolls house lighting.  Units range from 1.25A up to 3A output to suit a range of applications (determined by the number of bulbs to be powered).

Features Include:

  • 12V DC Regulated Voltage
  • 1.25A to 5A Output
  • Digital switching Mode
  • Meets the 2011 Energy Efficiency Regulations

These latest power supplies offer improved energy efficiency, reliability and safety compared to older style transformers and will ensure maximum life for dolls house light bulbs. To see more details on these Dolls House Power Supplies please visit the website.

We offer a full range of dolls house lights and wiring components and we are always happy to offer advice by email of telephone when requested.  See all Dolls House Lighting products.