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Dolls House Kits 12th Scale

12th scale Collectors Dolls House Kits at low prices!!! **Fast Delivery**

Ready Built Dolls Houses

Dolls houses which are ready built rather than in kit form.

Room Boxes

Room boxes and small buildings of various sizes and designs.

Dolls House Kits - Smaller Scales

24th & 48th Scale Dolls House Kits

We offer a large range of wooden dolls houses and dolls house kits to suit adult collectors and children. Our range includes everything from small Victorian cottages to large Georgian mansions to shops and modern properties. If you are new to the dolls house hobby we advise taking time to carefully consider all of the options available before purchasing your first dolls house. A large dolls house can make a lovely long term project, but may take up more space in your home than you realise and decorating and furnishing all the rooms may take more time and money than you can spare. Smaller dolls houses can be very enjoyable and rewarding, but once you get the dolls house bug you may be left wanting more.

1:12 Scale dolls houses are the standard size and the best choice for most as the vast majority of building materials, decorating supplies, furniture and accessories available are for this scale. We also offer a range of much smaller 1:24 scale dolls houses but this is a more specialist area of the hobby.

Most dolls houses are supplied in flat-packed kit form ready for home assembly. Dolls house kits are generally fairly quick and easy to build as all the parts are accurately cut to size and instructions are provided. You should bear in mind that to finish a dolls house kit many additional items will be needed including lighting, wooden mouldings (skirting etc.) and decorative finishes before finally adding furniture and accessories.

For those who don't wish to build a kit we offer a limited range of hand built and decorated dolls houses which are available from time to time or can be made to order.

For further information see our guides to Buying a Dolls House or Dolls House Kit and Building a Dolls House Kit.or contact us if you have any questions.