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A Range of Adhesives for Dolls House & General Hobby Use

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Product ID: DIY229
Brand: Streets Ahead
Dolls House Wallpaper Paste
Sufficient to make 150ml of wallpaper paste when mixed with water.
Price: £0.99
1.13 EUR 1.28 USD
Product ID: 7001
Brand: Dolls House Emporium
Wood Glue (PVA) 40g
A strong and clear drying PVA glue ideal for MDF, wood etc.
Price: £1.09
1.25 EUR 1.41 USD
Product ID: DIY036
Brand: Streets Ahead
Wood Glue (PVA) 30ml
A strong and clear drying PVA glue ideal for MDF, wood etc. Handy resealable container with a fin...
Price: £1.79
2.05 EUR 2.32 USD
Product ID: AD108
Brand: Other Suppliers
CC Stick & Spray Repositionable Adhesive 250ml (HAZ)
Repositionable stencil adhesive.
Price: £7.95
9.11 EUR 10.32 USD
Product ID: AD109
Brand: Other Suppliers
CC Stick Away Adhesive Remover 250ml (HAZ)
Adhesive remover.
Price: £7.95
9.11 EUR 10.32 USD
Product ID: AD8
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Aliphatic Resin Wood Glue 112g
Special 'yellow' wood glue for professional applications.
Price: £6.95
7.96 EUR 9.02 USD
Product ID: DIY036A
Brand: Streets Ahead
Poly10 Wood Glue (PVA) 125ml
A strong PVA glue ideal for MDF, wood etc.. Ideal for many craft and DIY applications.
Price: £3.49
4.00 EUR 4.53 USD
Product ID: 7029
Brand: Dolls House Emporium
Super Glue 3g
Superglue fast setting adhesive.
Price: £0.95
1.09 EUR 1.23 USD
Product ID: AD21
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Super Phatic Glue 50ml
Super Phatic Glue. Quality product from Deluxe Materials.
Price: £6.95
7.96 EUR 9.02 USD
Product ID: AD26
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Deluxe Decorator Glue
Decorator Glue. Top quality product from Deluxe Materials.
Price: £7.89
9.04 EUR 10.24 USD
Product ID: AD29
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Tacky Wax 28g
Tacky adhesive - very useful for providing a temporary fixing.  Top quality product from Deluxe...
Price: £5.79
6.64 EUR 7.51 USD
Product ID: AD43
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Rocket Hot Cyano Glue (Superglue) 20g
Super thin penetrating cyano glue.  Bonds in 1 - 5 seconds.  Top quality pr...
Price: £6.95
7.96 EUR 9.02 USD
Product ID: AD44
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Rocket Rapid Cyano Glue (Superglue) 20g
Medium viscosity, fast setting adhesive; sets 5 to 10 sec.
Price: £6.49
7.44 EUR 8.42 USD
Product ID: AD45
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Rocket Max Cyano Glue 20g
Thick non-runny cyano glue. Bonds in 10 - 20 seconds. Top quality product from Deluxe Materi...
Price: £7.95
9.11 EUR 10.32 USD
Product ID: DIY649
Brand: Streets Ahead
Sticker Point Removable Silicon Glue Dots
Sticker Point Permanent Silicon Glue Dots  
Price: £2.39
2.74 EUR 3.10 USD
Product ID: AD10
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Speedbond PVA Adhesive 112g
Special modelling PVA that contains no fillers. Has unique solvent chemistry for faster drying and i...
Price: £6.59
7.55 EUR 8.55 USD
Product ID: AD27
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Tacky Glue 112g
Very sticky glue which dries clear, flexible, and is non-staining.
Price: £6.89
7.90 EUR 8.94 USD
Product ID: AD55
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Glue'n'Glaze Window Adhesive
For bonding clear acrylic to dolls house window frames without marking. 
Price: £7.69
8.81 EUR 9.98 USD
Product ID: AD67
Brand: Deluxe Materials
Speed Epoxy 28g
Fast setting Epoxy glue for wood, metal, china, plastics and glass.
Price: £8.49
9.73 EUR 11.02 USD
Product ID: DIY035
Brand: Streets Ahead
Ready Mixed Dolls House Wallpaper Paste
100ml of ready to use wallpaper paste in a handy re-sealable pot.
Price: £2.89
3.31 EUR 3.75 USD

Our DIY range includes dolls house window frames, doors, wooden mouldings, glazing and brass hardware. Also render / stucco additive for dolls house painting and finishing.