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Dolls House Lighting

Dolls House Lights & Wiring Components

» Lighting & Wiring
Wired Lights

Wired dolls house lights including Chandeliers, wall lights and lamps

Wiring & Transformers

Dolls house power supplies, connectors,and wiring accessories

Wired LED Lights

Led lights for 12V wired systems

LED Battery Lights

Battery powered dolls house lights with LED bulbs.

Glowing Fires

Glowing Fires for dolls houses- Authentic Log and Coal Fire Effects.

1:24 Scale Lighting

1:24 Scale Dolls House Lighting & Wiring Components

Lighting can transform a dolls house by adding warmth and life to each room.  From the outside it provides an attractive glow from the windows making the house more attractive and giving the impression of activity inside. And it allows the interior to be fully appreciated by casting light into the otherwise dark recesses of the rooms. A lighting system can include ceiling chandelier lights, wall lights, table lamps, flickering candles and glowing fires. Concealed LED lights can also be included. All can be operated from a 12V power supply.

Wired dolls house lighting system are surprisingly easy to install - see our dolls house lighting guide. It is important to plan the wiring installation early when starting a new dolls house project so you can ensure the wiring is completely hidden when the decorating is completed. Wiring can be added to a dolls house which has already been decorated, but depending on the position of the lights it may difficult to hide the wires without some extra work and re-decorating.

Instant Lighting - Battery powered LED lights are available for those seeking the quickest and easiest dolls house lighting solution. These lights have their own replaceable battery, a switch and LED bulb which will run for many hours from a single button cell battery.

We stock everything needed to install your dolls house lighting system including an extensive range of dolls house lights, wiring components, power supplies (transformers) from top brands including Dolls House Emporium and Streets Ahead.  We also offer our own exclusive range of dolls house wiring components and glowing fireplaces with glowing fires. We have had many years of experience in the dolls house hobby and we are always happy to share our knowledge and offer help and advice on request.  For help getting started with your lighting installation see our dolls house lighting guide or contact us if you have any questions.