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Dolls house project reviews, how-to guides and helpful information.
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Dolls house kit assembly

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Dolls House How-To Guides

A series of guides covering common dolls house project tasks and reviewing past projects

Starting a dolls house project can be an exciting prospect, but if you are new to the hobby it may all seem rather daunting, particularly when you start to consider all of the options and possibilities and different tasks involved.  This series of guides covers many common tasks involved in a typical dolls house kit build project including building, decorating and lighting.  Also see our reviews of past dolls house projects.

We aim to add more guides in future, but in the meantime if you can't find the information you need here we are happy to offer advice by email.

For more information and how-to gudes see our dolls house blog and Dolls House Projects pages..

How-to Guides

Choosing & Buying a Dolls House
Starting a new dolls house project?  With so many options available it is a good idea to spend some time researching the hobby before jumping in.

Dolls House Kit Assembly Guide
Most dolls houses start off in kit form.  Here we show how a typical dolls house kit is built from the supplied MDF parts.

Dolls House Lighting & Wiring
Lighting a dolls house is often seen as the most daunting task, but with the necessary information and good planning it is fairly straight-forward.

Dolls House Exterior Decorating
Most dolls houses have a painted or wallpapered exterior.  Here we look and some options and methods.

Realistic Brick & Stone Effects
See how to create realistic brick and stone effects using stencil applied finishes. 

Realistic Roof Tile Effects
See how to create realistic roof tile / slate effects.

Dolls House Interior Decorating
Here we look and some common interior decorating methods including painting, wallpapering, architectural mouldings and more..

Realistic Brick and Stone Finishes for Dolls Houses


Dolls House Brick & Stone Finishes

To view a more detailed application guide click here.  To view various projects and magazine features click here.  To view more photos click here or view our flickr page here.  If you have viewed all the information on the website and still have questions please contact us.

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