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Children’s Dolls Houses

A Favourite Birthday or Christmas Present

Primrose Cottage is a very popular childrens dolls house

A dolls house is a very popular Christmas present and often becomes a favourite and much played with and treasured possession. However, there are many important considerations when buying a child’s dolls house. Choosing the right dolls house is important, but that’s just the beginning…

Typically dolls houses are supplied in kit form and are undecorated. The alternatives are to build a dolls house from scratch using a dolls house plan or certain types are available ready made and decorated. An undecorated dolls house kit is not suitable to give to a younger child and wouldn’t make a good Christmas present so it’s usually the parents or grandparents job build and decorate the house ready for the big day. Depending on your choice of dolls house and decoration etc. it is important to allow sufficient time to complete the project.

For those who are unfamiliar with dolls houses some basic information is listed below..

Dolls House Scale
Most standard dolls houses are 1:12 scale (1 inch = 1 foot). This is generally the recommended scale for children’s dolls houses as it’s big enough to play with and a large range of furniture and accessories are available in this scale.

Dolls House Design
Obvious considerations are size / space and budget (allowing for decorating and furnishing etc.). Some child’s dolls houses are designed to withstand being played with better than others. A common weak point to watch for is the window frames as those used in adult collectors dolls houses tend to be more delicate.

Dolls House Lights
Dolls house lighting is not recommended for younger children. Apart from the obvious electrical safety issue, the dolls house light fittings are very delicate and would be easily damaged.

Decoration / Materials
There is a vast range of decorating materials to choose from, but for a childs dolls house it’s usually a good idea to keep it simple. Emulsion paint is ideal for the walls – vinyl silk is easier to keep clean. Alternatively wallpapers can be used to both inside and out.

Furnishing the dolls house
It’s usually best to include at least a basic range of furniture and accessories to the dolls house. One of the pleasures of the dolls house hobby is being able to add items to the house and build up a collection over time.

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