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Dolls House Roof Tiles / Slate Strips x12 #1Dolls House Roof Tiles / Slate Strips x12 #2Dolls House Roof Tiles / Slate Strips x12 #3Dolls House Roof Tiles / Slate Strips x12 #4Dolls House Roof Tiles / Slate Strips x12 #5Dolls House Roof Tiles / Slate Strips x12 #6Dolls House Roof Tiles / Slate Strips x12 #7
Product ID: BCT10

Dolls House Roof Tiles / Slate Strips x12

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Manufacturer Bromley Craft Products
  In Stock
Price: £5.95
6.91 EUR 7.38 USD
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12x Roof tile strips measuring 440mm x 25mm x 1mm approx (1:12 scale).   These tile strips are made from compressed fibre card board and are quick and easy to apply.  The tile strips are precisely cut with a slight gap berween each tile and slightly irregular front edge giving a very good impression of individual roof tiles when fitted.  The tile strips should be glued into position on the dolls house roof using PVA adhesive and then painted a slate or terracotta clay tile colour using suitable matt emulsion or acrylic paints.  The finished tiles can be further enhanced by adding shading to the individual tiles and finishing with a clear matt varnish.

The product image shows the tile strips after painting with Crafters Acrylic Paint DCA139 - Slate.

1:12 scale tile strips measures 444mm x 25mm (17.5" x 1") approx and are designed to be overlapped by around 5mm. The coverage for 12x 1:12 scale tile strips is therefore 1056cm sq. (165 in sq.). Coverage figures specified for 1:12 scale tile strips.
1:24 scale tile strips measures 222mm x 12.5mm (8.75" x 0.5") approx and are designed to be overlapped by around 2.5mm. The coverage for 12x 1:24 scale tile strips is therefore 266cm sq. (41.1 in sq.).

Tile Shape
Choose rectangular tiles or scalloped edge tiles.

Tile Sizes
Tile strips with 20mm wide tiles suitable for slate roof effects. Dimensions quoted for 1:12 scale tiles ..1:24 scale tiles are proportionally smaller.

Tile Scale
Choose 1:12 or 1:24 scale tiles to match the scale of the dolls house.

Tile and a half
Larger Tile and a Half size tiles are available separately to match these roof tiles. These are used to finish the end of a row of tiles.

- Fast and easy to apply - Simply stick the tiles into position with PVA adhesive or double sided tape.

- Light-weight and economical product making them a very practical option compared to real slate or plaster alternatives.

- Easily cut to size using scissors or a craft knife.

- Ridge tiles, tile and a half tiles, decorative shaped tiles and lead flashing available.

- Choice of finish - Paint with a colour of your choice and add as much shading and detail as you wish.

Recommended Application and Finishing Method
Starting at the bottom edge of the roof glue the first tile strips into position. Separately available 'tile and a half' tiles can be used to finish the ends of alternate rows in a straight line.  Working up towards the ridge glue further strips into position ensuring that each row is overlapped by about 5mm and the tiles are aligned / staggered correctly. Tip: Draw several horizontal lines along the roof to help ensure the tile strips are aligned correctly..

Once all the tile strips have been glued into position they can be painted using a your chosen colour using acrylic paints - Deco Art Crafters Acrylic recommended. When dry shading can be added if required using articts acrylic paints. Using this method it is quite easy to create tiles of varying shades and even add weathering effects which will greatly enhance the finished roof tile effect. Finally a coat of clear matt varnish can be added if required to protect and seal the finished roof tiles.

Note:  Paint should be applied sparingly to avoid clogging the grooves in between the tiles and losing the individual roof tile detail effect.  If necessary use a knife blade or similar to remove excess paint from the grooves before it dries.

Further tools and materials recommended include: A suitable wood / cardboard adhesive (PVA) or double sided tape, a sharp craft knife or scissors, Paint / Matt Varnish. (Not supplied).

12 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 (Show All)
Good product.
- 11th February 2022
Easy to cut and paint. Looks good too.
- 07th December 2020
Great quality, perfectly designed and easy to work with. The final look once painted is absolutely real!!!
Excellent service
- 02nd March 2020
Excellent service by company. The tiles look superb on the roof of the dollshouse. Looks like real roof tiles.
Realistic Tiles!
- 29th February 2020
Very pleased with the roof tile strips as they were easy to apply and after painting they look every bit as good as real slate tiles. And they don't weigh much so my dolls house reef is easy to open.
Great roof tile solution
- 16th February 2020
Very pleased with these roof tile strips. Easy to use and look great when finished. Ive used real slates before paper before and for me these tile strips are a good compromise. Much better than tile paper and with careful painting they can look better read more
Really effective
- 22nd December 2015
I wanted something effective that wouldn't add weight to an already heavy dolls house. These are perfect. Very easy to use and look very realistic once painted. Delivery was superfast despite the Xmas rush. Will definately be ordering more in the new yearread more
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