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Textured Paint Additive 25g Bag
Product ID: TEX

Textured Paint Additive 25g Bag

Discounts Apply !
Brand: Bromley Craft Products
Price: £1.95
2.32 EUR 2.57 USD
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Painted finishes are a very popular choice for dolls house exterior decoration, but if normal paint is used alone the finished effect may appear too smooth, flat, and unrealistic. This specially formulated texture material (powder) can be used with paint to produce a much more realistic fine textured finish.  Simply mix into normal emulsion paint (matt or silk) before application.  Paint is not included.  We recommend using normal emulsion paint (matt or silk) which is available in a large range of colours from most DIY stores in 250ml (or larger) tins which are ideal for most dolls house painting applications.

1x 25g bag of texture material per 250ml of emulsion paint is recommended.  Quantitiy can be varied according to required effect.

Brush or roller application are recommended.  Stippling with a paint brush can create a nice effect and also reduce brush marks.

The textured finish produced with this material is non-abrasive.

Note:  Fine sand has commonly been used as an additive to create textured paint finishes and this may be a satisfactory solution in some cases but sand has several disadvantages compared to this texture material:  Sand grains are of varying size and are typically too coarse to produce a nice texture effect on a miniature scale dolls house.  Also, sand contains many impurities which can affect the finished paint colour and texture.  Also, sand produces a sharp (sandpaper like) abrasive finish. Our texture material is pure white in colour so will not effect paint colour.  Also, the grains are of a precise and consistent size and are not sharp so an attractive and tactile finish can be reliably achieved with ease.

Extra Fine Textured Paint
Extra Fine Texture (Discontinued)
(Brushed Application)
Extra Fine Textured Paint (Stippled)
Extra Fine Texture (Discontinued)
(Stippled Application)
Fine Textured Paint (Brushed Application)
Fine Texture
(Brushed Application)
Fine Textured Paint (Stippled)
Fine Texture
(Stippled Application)
Normal Emulsion Paint Without Texture Additive
Normal Emulsion Paint with no texture additive
Paint Used: Dulux Emulsion - Colour: Chalky Downs

All samples shown were produced by applying a single
coat of paint by brush to an untreated MDF surface.


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Great Stuff

- 03rd May 2017

This works brilliant,had already bought some before, bought it to mix with exterior paint for my dolls house to give it a textured finish, looks really nice and using this order to mix with dark grey to texture my dorma roofs and basement floor.??

Exactly as advertised

- 08th May 2012

Good finish and very easy to apply. I was using a dark red and found it best to put a flat coat of the final colour on first, let it dry and then final coat with the texture finish using a stipple effect.

Nice Textured Paint Finish

- 08th March 2011

Gives a very nice fine textured stone-like finish with no more work than just painting. If anything it saves work because the paint covers better with the additive in it so only one coat was required!

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Unless otherwise stated all dolls house items are 1:12 scale.
Items are not CE marked so are not suitable for children under 14 years of age.