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12 Socket Connector with Individual Switches #112 Socket Connector with Individual Switches #2
Product ID: BE297S

12 Socket Connector with Individual Switches

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Manufacturer Bromley Craft Products
  In Stock
Price: £24.95
29.50 EUR 31.60 USD
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12 Socket dolls house lighting connector. Includes 1.6A fuse and LED power indicator light. 

There are 12 pairs of  (+/-) output terminals, each controlled by its own on/off switch allowing lights in the dolls house to be switched on and off independently.

This socket strip connector has a 2.1mm connector socket which is directly compatible with our Digital Power Supplies (PS100, PS200, PS300 & PS500).  Alternatively the two screw terminal input next to the 2.1mm socket can be used to connect other types of power supply.  These screw terminals can also be used to link additional socket strips in large systems where more output channels are required.

To install dolls house lighting simply connect a 12v power supply (transformer) and connect twin wires from lights to the output +/- screw terminals.

The two pin plugs supplied with most dolls house lights are not needed when using this connector.  This is a major advantage of this system as the 2 pin plugs can be difficult to use and don't always provide a reliable connection.

Maximum power input: 12V DC 3.0A.

Maximum power output:  3.0A total between all channels. Max. 1.0A per channel. 

Fuse included: 1.6 Amp (20mm x 5mm).

Dimensions (WxL): 94mm x 30mm.

Replacement fuses: DE24E017.

Important Safety Information
Dolls house wiring and lighting components are generally rated for 1.5A - 3.0A. This connector strip should only be used with a suitable power supply and lighting components. If exceeding 1.5A - 3.0A load, this should be split between separate fuse protected circuits to avoid overloading wiring and components. Do not attempt to install dolls house wiring systems without suitable knowledge and experience. Do not leave dolls house lighting switched on unattended. Switch power off at the wall when not in use or when unattended.

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Switched Lights
- 08th March 2020
The switched lighting connector is a good upgrade from the white plug-in connector. Easy to fit and works as expected.

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